IDRIS DANLADI - PROWESS:: haven't left music yet, but my full comeback is contingent on a number of factors which I consider unlikely || hicexclusive

Meet IDRIA DANLADI who is popularly known as PROWESS, music icon in beehive city ( bauchi state)

In an interview with him about his music and why he has been on a low key for some time now, he opened to us and shared with us what he has been up to.

Idris Danladi or Prowess as many of you know him best with partially left music because he discovered a bigger problem that requires amends to pave way for all. The music business environment was absent. The knowledge was amiss and many must rise up to fill up the gaps.

He went further to say that he is coming back to music fully, But his full comeback is contingent on a number of factors which he considered unlikely.

First, the provision of a very good contract that understands music and philosophy at the same time. His soul must find expression through his music.

Secondly, a platform for a global audience.

But In the absence of those two, he will rather participate in building a structured market that can unleash other very young and talented acts from the northern part of the country..

And what are you looking out for to change in the art in the northern part of the country ?

And being a resident in bauchi, haven been here, you have heard/listen to the music, you have watched some perform, and you have shared the mic with some artist,. What can you say about the music in bauchi?

Music in Bauchi is great. We are not scarce of talents, we are scarce of vision.  I refuse to speak as an authority on this matter but will rather make my submissions as an observer.

Music is a global commodity. Technological innovations have torn down barriers between cultures due to digital distribution channels. But our challenge from my observation is our inability to mingle with the varied audience categories.  We are comfortable at home. We want Bauchi to be the hub of music in Nigeria, then we must learn from others who have succeeded. Business competition and competition thrives on secrets. Our knowledge of the forces controlling the industry is far below the talent. That is why there are frustrations everywhere in the town. We need knowledge and cooperation.

On what I will do? I think it will be better if I say nothing for now. I am a very enduring man who takes time to study things and would rather not jump into decision making without having the right understanding. Change must be sustainable not a one-off event

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